Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tomorrow's going to be a productive day - And LulzSec

I've had a week off so far an managed to deal sweet F-A.  Going to try and get in gear and get some stuff done tomorrow instead of browsing the web all day.
Stuff to get done:
1) Get up at a reasonable time.
2) Go to the gym
3) Tidy room
4) Walk the dogs
5) Cook something decent instead of microwave rubbish.
6) Go to work in the evening.


Oh yeah, something else I've heard today.
LulzSec. Anyone heard of them?  They're the group of Internet hackers claiming to be behind Sony's leaked info and various other server infiltrations.  It seems they've been up to all sorts of shenanigans tonight according to their twitter.  Shenanigans include taking down gameserver logins such as League of Legends and EVE and so called "Phone DDOS" where they route all incomming calls to some poor call centre.  They're even taking requests for websites or places to call bomb.

These guys seem to be pretty funny, but where does one draw the line between fun and serious crime?  They've posted passwords and leaked info on their website, could this be ruining the Internet for the rest of us?  
Stuff got serious, as the group have decided to move off from small game servers to launching their LulzCannon at the website and taking it down shortly.  Makes you wonder what else these guys are capable of as their just running circles around the authorities.
Ah well hats off to these guys right as a bit of Internet drama is always called for.  Keep up the Lulz.

Peace fellas. I'm hitting the hay now.

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