Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tomorrow's going to be a productive day - And LulzSec

I've had a week off so far an managed to deal sweet F-A.  Going to try and get in gear and get some stuff done tomorrow instead of browsing the web all day.
Stuff to get done:
1) Get up at a reasonable time.
2) Go to the gym
3) Tidy room
4) Walk the dogs
5) Cook something decent instead of microwave rubbish.
6) Go to work in the evening.


Oh yeah, something else I've heard today.
LulzSec. Anyone heard of them?  They're the group of Internet hackers claiming to be behind Sony's leaked info and various other server infiltrations.  It seems they've been up to all sorts of shenanigans tonight according to their twitter.  Shenanigans include taking down gameserver logins such as League of Legends and EVE and so called "Phone DDOS" where they route all incomming calls to some poor call centre.  They're even taking requests for websites or places to call bomb.

These guys seem to be pretty funny, but where does one draw the line between fun and serious crime?  They've posted passwords and leaked info on their website, could this be ruining the Internet for the rest of us?  
Stuff got serious, as the group have decided to move off from small game servers to launching their LulzCannon at the website and taking it down shortly.  Makes you wonder what else these guys are capable of as their just running circles around the authorities.
Ah well hats off to these guys right as a bit of Internet drama is always called for.  Keep up the Lulz.

Peace fellas. I'm hitting the hay now.

Always look on the bright side

So, felt pretty down when I failed my driving test the other week.  Oh well, could of been worse; could have been the women that failed NINE HUNDRED AND SIXTY times!
She took her test every weekday for since 2005. HAHA.

Find out more here.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The internet - IT LIVES!

Virgin broadband man came round yesterday and fixed the "upstream."  All he seemed to do was sit on for half an hour then decide we need a new router, I could of told him that and just saved him the time.

Anywhere, here's my stats now. Finally I can buffer YouTube videos in a reasonable amount of time!

PS, 20mbps is nothing compared to the 100mbps you can receive in China.  At those speeds you could download an entire movie in 90 seconds. Mind blowing stuff.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Don't buy knock off MP3 players.

I went shopping the other day and on an impulse buy decided to buy a 160gb Classic iPod... Well I wish I had of done now. Instead I was talked out of it by my girlfriend (Last time I listen to her regarding technology) and bought possibly the worst excuse of a media player I've ever seen.

Behold the beast. Dubbed "LOGIK L8GBMP410 Multimedia Player"
See, it already sounds like mass produced Chinese rubbish.

I despise the PC World salesman that coaxed me into buying this.  "It's got 8GB of memory and a great battery life" were his words.  True, he never lied about that but  the LOGIK doesn't allow users to set up playlists and actually searches for music much like a skipping CD.  If I want to swap albums it takes a minute to load up the new album; this is very frustrating!!
Moral(s) of the day; don't trust girlfriend on technology advice, don't listen to PC World salesmen and don't buy knock off MP3 players.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Updates on life - 200 Followers!

My Internet speed has been shockingly poor recently.  They say a picture speaks a thousand words so here we go, check out these stats:
Yeah, that's right. My upload is higher than my download speed right now.  I'm with Virgin on a 20mb package, I think I've received 19.5MB ONCE in the entire time I've been with them.  Needless to say 400kbs takes the biscuit a little so a complaint was in order. Virgin are sending out a technician tomorrow to fix it.  Apparently according to their call centre we have a "low power on the upstream" and a technician is being sent tomorrow to increase the power on the upstream.  LOL.
It takes me 10 minutes to buffer a 1 minute YouTube video, it's painfully slow to say the least.

Tomorrow I've set myself the task of designing a new blog logo and doing a complete overhaul of the layout here.  I've got plenty of time to do it as my exams are over now!  I'm not really that artistic some I'm going to have to search around for some inspiration on a few other blogs and tutorials I s'pose.

Oh yeah, 200 followers! :D
Peace guys.

PS. Comment back with your Internet speeds.  I test mine at

Five Blogs you should consider checking out!

Afternoon fella's, found a few blogs you should check it! They are actually followers of mine, I follow back everyone who comments on me and I check out their blogs. Here's a few I think you should check out:

1) -
A blog about an art student from art, features some interesting posts and photo shoots! Well worth a read.

2) -
Random facts, seems to be updated daily. Nice to check once in a while.

3) -
What more can I say, just daily gossip and glitter! It's like having the sun magazine summarised into a simple blog post.

4)  -
97% OC from London.  Great pictures from the heart of the city, updates fairly often too!

5) -
A student from the UK, reviews opinions. :)

PS I think I'll make this a regular thing and do it once a month or so :)

Read about this guy in the newspaper.  He's from America, got a ticket for riding out of the cycle lane and well uhh.... just watch the video, I don't want to spoil it!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Sun is shining.... again.

It's such nice weather here today! Sun is shining and there's not a cloud in site. Shame I've got a nine hour shift to get on with now, oh JOY.  Stuck inside a supermarket dealing stacking shelves and helping old people find where the catfood is.
My question to you followers is whats the weather like where you are today?

P.S This is a song I'm addicted to right now. Heard it played on radio 1 last night.

Jakwob - 'Right Beside You' feat Smiler' It's gonna be a Summer hit I can tell